Terms and Conditions

Booking terms & conditions that apply for bookings between the customer and M&L Travel Liverpool.

Its is the customers responsibility to supply us with the correct booking information which includes lead passenger name, dates & times of pick up, pick up & drop off address, lead passenger contact number and email address, an flight information when applicable. The lead passenger or bookie of all bookings accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all travelling passengers. M&L travel have reserve the right to charge cancellation fee or in some instance in full again if incorrect information is supplied an the customer requires another pick up at different date or time.

M&L travel enter an binding contract to all bookings to transport passenger to and from the requested addresses from the customer. Any changes in vehicle or after booking details given must be autorised and agreed by M&L Travel and extra charge may occur. M&L travel also reserve the rights to refuse or reject any changes to bookings once booking has been made.

It is the customers reasonability to ensure all passengers are fit and able to travel safely with M&L travel. We do not supply car seats for minor passengers but will gladly store customers car seats for them if they have return journey booked.

All passenger are expected to have at least one 22kg luggage when traveling with M&L travel and anything more must be agreed or stated when booking is placed with M&L Travel. All bookings will be confirmed by M&L travel by text or email and no booking is accepted until reference number is issued to the customer. All cash bookings must be paid in full on outbound journeys even if the booking is over 2 legs (i.e. return journey).

M&L travel reserve the right to refuse any passenger under the influence of alcohol or drugs and full refund will be issued in any circumstances.

M&L travel reserve the right to refuse any bookings at any time.

M&L reserve the right to subcontract bookings to third party’s to carry out the booking if necessary.

M&L Travel will do everything in there power to arrive at the pick up address at the stated time of bookings. Although will not be liable or responsible for issues that may cause delays out of our control. (e.g. Mechanical breakdown & unexpected traffic).

All booking travelling to airports/train stations and any designated address where the customer is getting onward travel from are given high priority over any other bookings with M&L travel.

The customer has the right to cancel there bookings 24 hours prior for full refund, cancellation charge may apply for cancellations under 24 hours notice.